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Hasta La Vista…

Dear Social Media Friends,

some may have noticed, some not, that I have been very silent here. IT’s not that I don’t have ideas anymore to write. In summer I actually experienced a burn out that slowed me down with everything. All of a sudden when I couldn’t keep up with the pace the Lord showed me how noisy it has been around me and how I’ve numbed myself over a long period of time with all kinds of destractions. Social media had developed as one major noise in my life.

Now, I’m doing already ways better but I’m not done yet… so I’m taking a further step: a sabbatical, a break from Social Media. If you want to get in touch with me you will find a way to call me, write to me an E-mail or letter or you meet me at home. In this season of life I only want real personal contact with people. No group chats. Life has been too noisey and destracting. Let me get back to some chore roots, to breath, hear, see, taste, feel again in all the senses that life offers.

Will I still be writing? Yes, for sure, but I won’t be publishing for now.
Will I come back? I don’t know yet. The sabbatical, I believe, will show, which platform will be still relevant to me.

Life is too precious to just rush through it. My body is too valuable to just fill it with a bunch of information that my brain can’t process. People are meant for real community, to be seen and accepted in their full image and meant to experience real life in all its beauty, senses and forms.

Hasta la Vista, for now 珞



I'm a german woman, married to a nigerian-german man and I'm a mother of two girls and one boy. I'm a social worker by profession. I love to write. Check out my front page to find out more.

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